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Our school is an integral part of the General Baptist Denomination with offices in Poplar Bluff Missouri and in California, created through the Sheffield Association of General Baptist in California and Latin America to provide ministerial education to the Christian Church and generate the spread of the gospel.

For almost eighteen years, the Latin American Division for Theological Studies known as (DLT Bible Institute) has been known as the place where passion for Jesus Christ and excellence in academic training converge, as evidenced by hundreds of alumni who are using their lives to really count eternity and make a difference in your corner of God's great vineyard. Over the past decade, the Latin American Division of Theological Studies has also become known for developing strategic partnerships in conjunction with General Baptist International Missions and leveraging the Internet, enhancing learning, and expanding our influence across the country and in Latin America. The results have been exciting and humbling, bringing us to our knees again and again as we express our deep gratitude to God and give glory where it is deserved.


Latin American Division of Theological Studies, is a non-profit academic entity dedicated to providing education and ministerial training of a current high academic standard.


Latin American Division of Teological Studies, es una entidad academica sin fines de lucros dedicada a proveer educacion y entrenamiento-ministerial de un alto estandar academico de la actualidad.

D.L.T. es parte de General Baptist Ministries con oficinas en Poplar Bluff Missouri la cual fue creada para proveer educacion y entrenamiento ministerial a nuestras iglesias Hispanas en Estados Unidos de America, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica y Panama, todos aquellas regiones en donde nuestra denominacion tiene asociaciones de iglesias.

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Dr. Jose R. Rodriguez


Principal's Message

A message from the president of the Latin American Division of Theological Studies

We consider that the greatest inheritance in our Biblical Institute has been the emphasis on the gospel of grace, evangelism and the emphasis on the mission that comes from that gospel. Whether on the campus of the Latin American Division of Theological Studies, at our outreach sites, and through our distance education, the Instituto Bíblico's commitment to excellence over the years has not changed in the preparation of communicators from the Bible.
What makes D.L.T. different from many other seminars?
D.L.T. he continues to be unequivocally committed to the infallible scriptures of God.

This commitment leads to a system of doctrine in which the great foundations of the Christian faith are affirmed and exposed. The doctrines of evangelical orthodoxy are taught within the framework of theology, derived from a coherent grammatical-historical interpretation of the Bible. A central feature of the Latin American Division for Theological Studies curriculum is that each student in a professional master's-level ministry degree program studies the 66 books of the Bible in expository and exegetical courses. A D.L.T. education, however, extends beyond the academic pursuit of biblical and theological disciplines to the art of communicating biblical truth effectively. Ministry and communication courses seek to cultivate in students sensitivity to spiritual needs, zeal for world missions, fervor in evangelism, and Spirit-filled enthusiasm for effectively communicating the Word of God. The commitment of D.L.T. of "teaching the truth and loving well" is reflected as students leave the seminary walls and compassionately engage in the communities in which they work and live. From our Agape Projects to our missionary focus, students are exposed to multiple avenues of service. The purpose of this catalog is to introduce you to the Latin American Division of Theological Studies. I hope you discover a resource that helps you bring the glory of God to a watching world. Our recognition of sin, His work of merciful transformation in our lives, and a life of committed service are what drives us to fulfill our mission: to glorify God by equipping students to be godly servant leaders for the faithful proclamation of His Word. so that the body of Christ will be built up throughout the world. For more than 17 years, the Latin American Division of Theological Studies has helped train the next generation of servant leaders for the Church of Jesus Christ in the United States and since 2015 also in Latin America. Like any school, how well we equip our students will ultimately be measured by their ministry. Take advantage of the opportunity and incredible privilege of studying in the Latin American Division of Theological Studies. Get ready, know the Word of God and discover the God of the Word. Teach the truth. Love well.


Pastor José R. Rodríguez

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Vision & Values

  • Be Kind

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Work Hard

  • Work as team


We are the educational-ministerial center of the Hispanic division of General Baptist Denomination for the United States and Latin America.

Here we proudly introduce our directors, founders, and management staff to you.

Each of them is a vital part of the life of the Latin American Division of Theological Studies.


Dr. Danny Dunivan

Executive Director

Dr. Dunivan is General Baptist      Executive Director which is home to Latin American Division of Theological Studies. Dr. Dunivan is also professor and provost at Oakland City University.


Pastor Mark Powell

GBIM Director

Pastor Mark Powell is General Baptist International Missions Director and is also Latin American Division of Theological Studies founder for Latin America.

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Eylin Rodriguez

Professor & Administration Manager

Eylin is a former GBIM Tijuana Mexico Association founder and D.L.T. professor to several bible institute extensions in southern California and at the same time is in charge of the bible institute academic administration's offices.

Prof. Rene Rodriguez.jpg

Dr. Jose R. Rodriguez

Director & Founder

Dr. Rodriguez is Sheffield Association Director and Latin American Division of Theological Studies founder and Director for United States and Latin America.


Pr. Bruce Conran

D.L.T  Founder

Pastor Bruce is former Sheffield Association of General Baptist Director and along Rene Rodriguez were founders of Latin American Division of Theological Studies. The bible institute was planted and developed as an ministry tool for General Baptist movement in California. 


Pr. Gene Koker

D.L.T. Co-founder

Pastor Gene is an General Baptist former National Missions Director, under his leadership pastor Bruce Conran were sent to California to continue developing Sheffield Association. Today, pastor Gene is the led pastor at Otter Creek Church in Indiana but also involved and the progressing development for D.L.T. and Sheffield Association of General Baptist in California.

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