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Course Descriptions

Division of Bible and Christian Ministries Biblical


Studies Old Testament Interpretation

  1. EBO101 The Old Testament Review 

  2. EBO201 The Historic Books

  3. EBO202 The Pentateuch

  4. EBO301 The Prophetic Books

  5. EBO402 The Poetic Books ​

Biblical Studies – New Testament Interpretation

  1. RNT202 The New Testament Review

  2. RNT204 The Life of Christ

  3. RNT101 The Pauline Epistles I

  4. RNT102 The Pauline Epistles II

  5.  RNT201 The General Epistles Review

  6. RNT402 Daniel and Revelation

  7. RNT403 The Romans Book

  8. RNT404 The John Book

  9. RNT406 The Acts Book

Biblical Studies – Greek New Testament

  1. RNT410 Introduction to Biblical Languages

  2. RNT411 Greek I

  3. RNT412 Greek II

  4. RNT413 Greek III

  5. RNT414 Greek IV

Biblical Studies – Hermeneutics

  1. EPB501 Biblical Interpretation I

  2. EPB502 Biblical Interpretation II

  3. EPB504 Biblical Interpretation I: Principles of Biblical Interpretation

  4. EPB601 Biblical Interpretation II: Dispensationalism

  5. EPB602 Biblical Interpretation III: Issues in Eschatology ​

Theological Studies – Systematic Theology

  1. ETS301 The Bible Doctrine I

  2. ETS702 The Bible Doctrine II

  3. ETS703 Systematic Theology I

  4. ETS704 Systematic Theology II

  5. ETS703 Systematic Theology III

  6. ETS704 Systematic Theology IV

  7. ETS710 Topics in Biblical Theology

Theological Studies – Philosophy of Religion

  1. FB802 The Christian Ethics

  2. FBB811 History of Christian Thought

  3. FB812 Senior Seminar ​

Theological Studies – Historical Studies

  1. GBH802 The Baptist History

  2. HB303 History of Christianity I: to the Modern Age

  3. HDC304 History of Christianity II: American and Latin America Christianity

Practical Theology

  1. TPS301 Evangelism

  2. TPS302 Church Education

  3. TPS314 Ministry Internship – Evangelism (See catalog)

  4. TPS315 Ministry Internship – Discipleship I

  5. TPS316 Ministry Internship – Evangelism II

  6. TPS317 Ministry Internship – Discipleship II

  7. TPS601 Homiletics

  8. TPS602 The Expository Preaching

  9. TPS314 Ministry Internship – Missions I

  10. TPS716 Ministry Internship – Missions II

  11. PB901 Pastoral Counseling

  12. PB902 Church Administration

  13. PB912 The Pastoral Theology

  14. PB914 Pastoral Internship

  15. PB915 Ministry Internship – Leadership I

  16. MP916 Ministry Internship - Communications I

  17. MP917 Ministry Internship – Leadership II

  18. EPM418 Ministry Internship - Communications II

Church Education

  1. MJ201 Youth Ministry Introduction

  2. MJ202 Children’s Ministry Introduction

  3. FDM301 Philosophy of Christian Education

  4. MJ302 Children’s Ministry Foundation

  5. MJ311 Youth Leadership

  6. PMN312 Materials and Methods of Teaching Children

  7. PMN313 Christian Education of Children

  8. MP314 Chalk Art for Christian Ministry

  9. FMJ315 Philosophy & Programs of Youth Work

  10. MPR316 Field Experience in Minor

  11. MPR317 Student Ministries Para-Church Internship

  12. MPR318 Student Ministries Local Church Internship

  13. MCN983 Children’s Ministry Internship

  14. MCN984 Ministry Internship – Children/Youth

  15. MJN985 Ministry Internship – Children/Youth II

  16. MCN987 Administration of Children’s Ministry

  17. AMP988 Ministry of Christian Camping

  18. MJ990 Youth Seminar

  19. PG100 Christian Education of Adults

  20. PG101 Methods and Techniques of Teaching

  21. SP991 The Christian Home ​


  1. SP417 Camp Counseling

  2. MMJ418 The Christian Woman


  1. SP419 Counseling I: Theory and Methodology

  2. PS420 Counseling II: Problems and Procedures

  3. SP421 Counseling in the Local Church

  4. AM993 Field Experience in Minor

  5. PS422 Marriage and Family Counseling

  6. SP423 Counseling Adolescents

  7. SP424 Counseling and Theology


  1. CM701 Introduction to Missions

  2. CM702 Missionary Life Experience

  3. CM703 Trends and Problems in Missions

  4. HIS704 Comparative Religions

  5. CM996 Field Experience in Minor

  6. CM705 Missions Internship

  7. ITC706 Cross Cultural Communication

  8. FCM109 Philosophy of Church Planting

  9. CM404 Missions Seminar

  10. HIS406 Cultural Anthropology


  1. HIS400 Missionary Biography

  2. CMM410 Topics in Missions

  3. EGR420 Basic Linguistics and Language Learning

  4. CMI430 Reading and Research in Missiology

Philosophy (See also Philosophy of Religion)

  1. FR411 History of Christian Thought


  1. PS202 General Psychology

  2. PS302 Human Growth & Development

Social Science

  1. SYM302 Introduction to Sociology

Division of Teacher Education

Professional Studies

  1. PG201 Foundations of Education

  2. PG202 Early Field Experience

  3. THP301 Educational Psychology

  4. PS302 Human Growth and Development

  5. FPG401 Reading in the Content Area

  6. GT405 Technology Portfolio

Undergraduate Catalog
Undergraduate Catalog


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